Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant: Let The Binge Eating Begin

As one of the lucky participants of DFAT 2011

I have to totally thrown my DIET out of the window

The array of food sponsors lined up for this edition of DFAT is top caliber

A welcome dinner hosted by Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant wowed us all

The sumptuous preparation of their top selling viands was uber satisfying

We got a load of their Yellow Fin delicacies…

Adobong Tuna Buntot, Grilled Tuna Belly, Fresh Tuna Kinilaw

And the food just kept coming

Imbao Soup, Greaseless Chicken, Lechong Kawali and Laing

I was in Binge-Eating Heaven!

To top it all — Service was A-plus and fit for royalty!

And to think we are still on Day Zero of DFAT 2011

Thanks Avatar Media for the treat!

And mega-thanks to Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant for hosting us!

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