Ranchero Davao Rocks DFAT 2011

This is actually my second DFAT experience

And I’m sure glad that I found time to join this year’s DFAT edition

I’m not a big fan of beaches so I excused myself from the Samal Island Tour

But I wouldn’t miss lunch especially if Ranchero’s is hosting

A gazillion thanks to Paolo and Michael Sunglao for the support

A visit to any Ranchero is always a pleasurable experience

We were immediately treated to their Cream Dory Sinigang sa Miso (225.00)

Cameras immediately started clicking as each blogger tried to get their best shot

When it was time to serve the soup, it has gone semi-cold

And sinigang should always be served hot to get the sourness working perfectly

Anyhow I discovered that Dory can be a good sinigang alternative

Ranchero is known for its famed Baby Back Ribs (475.00)

So dining at Ranchero without ordering this staple viand is a no-no

As expected, this one delivered a wallop of a punch — taste-wise

The meat may appear charred but it has retained its delicious juiciness

Its sauce gave it an added zest making for one  perfect meal

Then there was their Garlic Chicken (395.00)

Crispy on the outside but overly tender and juicy on the inside

The dominant flavor of garlic could make your mouth water

The thin slices of garlic were a hit as we scrambled to get them

I suggest though that they use kalamansi and toyo as dip

This Pinoy innovation called Lumpiang Hubad (225.00) is a must-order

It is served without the usual lumpia-wrap thus the name “hubad”

For your wrap, you have to get a lettuce leaf and put in the filling

The sidings of crushed peanuts, diced garlic and their special sauce completes your lumpia

The freshness of the lettuce complimented the sauteed mixture of vegies and ground meat

Another favorite of mine is Crispy Pata

And Ranchero’s version did not disappoint

We were all eyeing the crispy skin and when it was time to eat — KARAMBOLA talaga!

What intrigued me was the black-colored dip which tasted sweet

Since it worked fine with the crispy pata, I didn’t anymore mind what it was made of

Ranchero Davao is located at Metro Lifestyle Complex, Jacinto corner  F. Torres Avenue, Davao City.  For reservations,  you may reach them at  telephone number (082) 222-0793 or email them at [email protected]  In the meantime, watch this video about our visit to Ranchero last May 14, 2011.

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