Tirador: A New Maestro Is Born

I vividly recall the first time Dondon Pagunsan showed me his initial shots as a newbie photographer.  I was also starting to love photography then and Dondon was also learning the ropes.  I immediately fell in love with his output encouraging him to experiment and shoot more pictures.  That was over three years ago.  Now, I’m just a point-and-shoot addict while Dondon’s eye for a good photo has grown by leaps and bounds.  He has not rested on his laurels and invested on learning from other Photography Masters too.  During this photo-shoot, I saw Don’s patience and dedication for his craft.  Despite the sweltering heat, his mood never changed.  When I finally saw his output, I knew then that a new Master is born.  Faithful readers, let these pictures tell a story.  These are the works of Dondon Pagunsan a.k.a. Tirador…

Dondon Pagunsan a.k.a. Tirador was born in Koronadal City but consideres Gensan as his second home.  He and his wife Pong (together with their son Gabby) resides in a Zen-inspired home along Aparente Avenue.  They manage a family-owned business in the city.  Don may be a photography enthusiast but he remains a very dedicated husband and father to his family.

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