Glam: Where Getting Rubbed Spells Royalty

I’d like to share a secret with you, faithful readers

I had the opportunity to try this quaint little place

Where getting rubbed all over your body spells Royalty with a capital “R”

I have my “suking-masahista” who regularly provides home massage service

So going out to a spa for a back rub is too much of an effort for me already

But the promise of getting smooth, silky skin was too inviting

So I found myself lying comfortably one lazy Saturday afternoon

And getting pampered like an emperor at Glam Nail Salon & Day Spa

What I liked most about this day spa is the relaxing scent of fragrant oil

The subdued lighting also helped you relaxed immediately

Instrumental music was softly playing and the attendants were very welcoming

I was a bit concerned about the bed but all my fears flew out of the window

Their beds can fit big people like me and was very comfortable

After a quick shower, I was treated to a Chocoholic Body Scrub

In less than two minutes I was already snoring to kingdom come

The expert hands of their masseurs was not only relaxing but also comforting

It probably was one of the best body scrubs I’ve experienced

The silky smooth skin part might not happen overnight

But what the heck — hindi masamang mangarap…

And hey Glam is not just all about Body Scrubs and Spa treatment

Ladies with an attitude — go try their Nail Indulgences

It’s gonna be worth the trip

Glam Nail Salon and Day Spa is located at 2nd floor West Wing of the East Asia Royale Hotel Arcade.  They are open daily from 1:00 pm to 12:00 mn.  Reservations are accepted.  You may call 303-0158 anytime.

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