Fat & Fab Brothers Fly To Disneyland Today


Today, the Fat & Fab Brothers are off to Hong Kong

If you recall, this was my birthday gift to Kuya Avel last January

Everything is set:  Plane Tickets, Hotel Accommodations, Itinerary

And we’re going to Mickey Mouse-landia too!  That’s Disneyland for you

Kuya Avel and I are like two peas in a pod

We may share the same parents

We may live in one house

But we’re totally two different people

I am Cruella de Ville to his Gandhi

I am Joker to his Batman

I am Clara to his Mara

Catching my drift yet?

Be it as it may, we do care for each other

We love each other to death!

This trip is our opportunity to bond

Well, good luck to him! <wink>

Truth to tell, I’m excited and he’s worried

He shouldn’t be ~ I’m holding the purse!


Kidding aside, we’re both looking forward to this trip

It’s more of the Disneyland tour for Kuya Avel

He even managed to get premier tickets for us

May silbi din naman pala sya…hehehehe!

This is hopefully gonna be fun

And we agreed that we’re gonna paint Chinatown PINK!

We will definitely keep you updated…

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