My Life According To Michael Jackson

courtesy of Andrew Sullivan

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST or GROUP, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to people you like and include me (presuming I’m someone you like). You can’t use the band or artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Re-post as “My life according to (band or artist name)”

Pick your Artist:
Michael Jackson

Are you a male or female:
“P.Y.T. ~ Pretty Young Thing” (Thriller, 1983)

Describe yourself:
“With A Child’s Heart” (Music & Me, 1973)

How do you feel:
“The Way You Make Me Feel” (Bad, 1987)

Describe where you currently live:
“Off The Wall” (Off The Wall, 1979)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
“In The Closet” (Dangerous, 1992)

Your favorite form of transportation?
“Speed Demon” (Bad, 1989)

Your best friend?
“Man In The Mirror” (Bad, 1989)

Favorite time of the day:
“One Day In Your Life” (One Day In Your Life, 1981)

You and your best friend are…
“Happy” (Music & Me, 1973)

What’s the weather like?
“Ain’t No Sunshine” (Got To Be There, 1972)

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?
“Gone Too Soon” (Dangerous, 1992)

What is life to you?
“You Are Not Alone” (HIStory:  Book 1, 1995)

Your Relationship:
“One More Chance” (Number Ones, 2003)

Your fear:
“Leave Me Alone” (Bad, 1988)

What is the best advice you have to give?
“Heal The World” (Dangerous, 1992)

Thought for the Day:
“Scream” (HIStory:  Book 1, 1995)

My motto:
“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (Off The Wall, 1979)

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