Gensan Gazer Magazine Turns A New & Exciting Leaf

After churning out remarkable issues in 2010

Issues which have become a Collector’s Item for many

So much so that as often as copies are displayed

It “vanishes” in a blink of an eye!

The response have been overwhelming

Not to mention — heartwarming…

This year, YOUR Gensan Gazer turns a new & exciting leaf

Foremost, it is a little bit bigger

It is loaded with more interesting stories and features

And to supplement the high cost of publishing the magazine

Gensan Gazer will now be sold for Fifty Pesos a copy

But believe you me — it will be worth every peso

Get your copy now.

It will be available at Asia United Bank.

Check this eZine version and drool, baby, drool…

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  1. I just scanned the E-zine now for the 2nd time…

    Sakto jud si Kuya O… nagtulo jud ako laway (literally) sa sobrang excitement!


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