28 Feb 2011

AUB Gensan Upgraded To Class B Branch

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Up to now, I still can’t imagine having survived last week’s events

Killer schedule was how Direk Dino Veloso called it

With three major activities – Bb. Gandang Hari, Lakan at Lakambini and Kasalang Filipino happening consecutively

My adrenaline rush was on hyper-mode the whole time last week

And I am just talking about activities other than being a banker

After the Lakan at Lakambini pageant, I had to fly to Manila last Thursday for my banking chores

I presented two accounts to our Credit Committee which fortunately was a breeze to do

Then it was our Branch Managers’ Conference the next day

I was literally feeling like a zombie as I was nursing a cold and anticipating a seeming asthma attack

So when it came to a surprise announcement –I was not interested at all

I just wanted to get over the day and lie in bed

The announcement was about upgrading the level of an AUB branch

It’s a big deal for Branch Managers when your branch is upgraded

It’s what you call a vindication of all the hard work you’ve done

AUB Gensan started from a Rookie Branch then to Class C Branch

For a branch to qualify as Class B, it has to pass the following criteria:

Total Current/Saving Account Balance should at least hit 200 million pesos

Total Deposit Balance should be 350 million pesos at least

And full year Net Income should be 10 million pesos

Our interest began to perk up when the numbers were flashed onscreen

It was a guessing game for everyone as each criteria was announced

Vis-a-vis the level of THAT Branch (as of year-end 2010) was shown

The numbers looked familiar but my mind was so out of it that I didn’t give it much thought

Names of possible branches were shouted — I just sat tight

Then it hit me — those numbers could be Gensan Branch!

When it was finally announced that it was indeed Gensan Branch

I was flabbergasted and speechless –

All I could muster was to repeatedly mumble:  “I didn’t expect this…”

That’s when I realized that the whole room was applauding

After four years, my Gensan Branch is now Classified “B”

It’s no easy feat – this one – because hitting the Net Income criteria is everyone’s waterloo

That day, Team Gensan stood proud and tall for a job well done

We were the lone branch to be upgraded for the year 2010

And for that one shining moment I silently thank the Lord for His guidance

Banking, these days, is so unlike its yesteryears

Handling a branch is definitely not for the fainthearted

Now multiply that effort by five — that’s how my banking routine is — daily!

As I write this, memories of my parents come rushing back in

I miss them so bad and wish I could personally tell them the good news

I am certain that they’re proud of my accomplishments

This year’s going to be tougher times for the industry

For AUB Team Mindanao, it means two additional branches

And hitting our goals quarterly and by year-end, we hope to be smiling from ear to ear

Now — that Class A level looks very enticing…

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17 Responses to “AUB Gensan Upgraded To Class B Branch”

  1. fahdingding said:

    Wow! Congrats Kuya O and TEAM AUB…
    More AUB branches in GENSAN! :)

  2. rosilie said:

    i could not imagine where you ever get all your stamina, vigor and life. . . .

    in short, super duper galing nyo talaga! so proud of you. paburger naman. hahahhahah mwa!
    rosilie´s newest blog post post ..Business Promos and Updates

  3. Arlene said:

    congratulations to you and your team, Orman for a job well done?

    Kelan kayo magbukas dito sa Iligan?

    Happy midweek!

  4. lynette G. said:

    wow congrats manay! so proud of you. and im sure wherever your parents are, they are mighty proud of you! you continue to be a blessing not only to the banking business but to gensan as well! hats off to you!!
    lynette G.´s newest blog post post ..SEx Tour – Part Deux The SOCCSKSARGEN Experience Tour

  5. dimple said:

    congratulations to you Sir O and the rest of the AUB Team..

    that means EXCELLENCE!
    dimple´s newest blog post post ..TAGUMs Best FRESH LUMPIA

  6. nice A said:

    Congratulations, Ormz! I know you deserve it as you’re really hard-working and determined in achieving something great.
    nice A´s newest blog post post ..Growing with a missionary heart

  7. gensan boi said:


    Yari ang bonus niyan!!!

    Pa burger naman diyan…



    More blessings for 2011!!!

  8. gensanite said:

    congrats, Sir Ormz!!! cheers!!!

  9. orman said:

    @gensanite — thanks rye… lalo lang dumami ang trabaho… hehehehe!

  10. orman said:

    @gensan boi — sana nga may bonus! hahahaha! busy year this year… kelangang magsumikap pa lalo…

  11. orman said:

    @rosilie — to God be the glory… minsan lang nakaka-guilty kasi nakakaligtaan ko ang time ko for the Lord… but for everything that i am now, dahil sa Kanya.

  12. orman said:

    @Arlene — hopefully next year, may Iligan Branch na kami… hanapan mo nako ng site… hehehe

  13. orman said:

    @lynette G. — manay, thanks! we work hard kasi we want our loved ones to be proud of us, di ba…

  14. orman said:

    @dimple — thanks dear!!! mag-open ka na kasi ng account sa AUB…

  15. orman said:

    @nice A — eunice, thanks ah! hope to see you soon!

  16. donski said:

    HELLO POH.. hope you dont mind if i will ask what are the benefits received by AUB regular staff? thank you

  17. orman said:

    @donski — i suggest that you visit me at AUB so i can personally discuss this with you. if you want to know more about us you can visit

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