My Baptism Of Fire

This year’s edition of the Binibining Gandang-Hari and Lakan at Lakambini ng Gensan are special to me

I’ve done beauty pageants before but I have not been THIS involved from start to finish

Let’s just say that this is my baptism of fire — my first time as producer

It’s been a rough and tedious ride but it’s all worth it

The support I got from sponsors was heartwarming

The pressure to come up with a really good show was immense

I knew I have a seasoned and reliable team but this time we have to make adjustments

Surprisingly, everyone I talked to agreed to the new arrangements

And after sealing deals with two major partners, we were good to go

The decision was made to time our events during the Foundation Anniversary of Gensan

Nobody can take away my being Gensan-born and the love I have for my city

It was a conscious decision to come up with activities that will add glitter to the celebrations

And so it came to pass — the two pageants are now certified hits

Jampacked attendance.  Fast-paced and enjoyable shows.

And positive reviews and reactions so far.

Can I now say:  “Eat my dust!”

I would and I could but I won’t

HER presence more than made up for every bit of stressful moment I went through

Happy 72nd Foundation Day, Gensan.

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  1. Congratulations! HER presence sure made it more special for this event, and I am sure she is proud of you, maybe next year, when the she asks to tap you again for incoming events, you can say, with head held high “No, I’m busy”. Or. “You can tap the amateurs”.

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

    People can only try to pull you down if you’re ahead of them. So make sure you’re out of their reach when they try to do so. IKAW NA… ANG DI MA-REACH! 🙂

    1. @Ria Jose — sa tutuo lang I don’t need to do these extra things… enjoy lang man gud ako and i love Gensan so much… thanks mare for your support…

  3. congrats on a very successful show last night manay! everybody loved the pageant.. world class! and nobody can discount the fact that you are an asset to gensan..whether she or he or whoever believes otherwise. we love you for coming up with events in gensan that are class A and ‘sosyal’ 🙂 continue the love you have for the city! hats off to you!
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