Great Bonding On New Year’s Day

What better way to start the new year but with good company

Kuya Avel, Jenel and I were off to Davao at exactly 9:00 in the morning

We’re meeting up with Davao Bloggers for one great bonding moment

Ria and I agreed that she’ll do the cooking and I’ll be the financier

So other than the tsikahan – there’s the kainan to look forward  to

Thanks to the Bonguyan Family for hosting our meet up in their abode

It was a good choice for a venue because you’ll feel the warmth and hospitality almost immediately

Joining our small group were Lyle & Brendel, Dulce, Olan, Leah and Winston

Over lunch we talked about our plans for 2011 while laughing about our booboos of 2010

It was one great day with friends and I will forever treasure this moment

In the meantime, check out what Chef Ria prepared for us…

photo courtesy of leah valle

Ria was already putting the finishing touches to her Pasta Puttanesca

Just looking at it made me feel famished

Ria was right, she cooks the meanest Puttanesca in these parts

photo courtesy of leah valle

Our gracious hostess, Ria’s aunt, prepared Hamon de Bola for us

I must say that this was the best tasting ham that I’ve ever tasted

The honey-glazed sauce was a necessary add-on but as it is, it was already perfect

photo courtesy of leah valle

I thought that I knew everything about grilling Pork Liempo

Ria shared with us their family secret of marinating pork before grilling it

Brown sugar and Fish Sauce (patis) made wonders to this grilled viand – Sarap to the max!

photo courtesy of leah valle

For dessert, we had Lachi’s Bread Pudding

I’ve always loved bread pudding even if it’s the cheap bakery variety

Pudding is my comfort dessert and this one fits the bill to a “T”

photo courtesy of leah valle

Lachi’s also gave Ria a Midnight Dream Cake which was just heavenly

This one’s not too sweet and it’s moistness and rich chocolatey taste is TOPS in my book

I was so full that even if I was offered a second serving, I had to beg off

photo courtesy of leah valle

As coup de grace, we had Nestle’s amazing Coffee Crumble ice cream

This really took away the umay from my mouth thus making crave for more food

Lesson of the day:  Make sure the food are taken off the table before ice cream is served

all photos courtesy of leah valle

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