Fat & Fab Brothers Invited To Audition For Biggest Loser America

I got a pleasant surprise last January 28 when I opened my Yahoo Mail

I thought it was a Spam Message until the words BIGGEST LOSER caught my attention

It was an invitation from the Casting Director of Biggest Loser (USA)

It’s Season 12 of NBC’s Biggest Loser America and they are looking for possible contestants

Apparently, the Casting Director came across our blog site Fat & Fab Brothers

They must have liked what they read so they probably thought we’d be interested to audition

I promptly responded stating that we’re based in the Philippines

Honestly, I was excited about the possibility of joining the show

Only to be brought back to earth with their apology because they thought we were in America

Oh well, there goes fame and fortune….

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  1. ….sayang. I was gonna say na magpataba pa kayo more para makuha sa final casting. Kasi sobrang payat nyo compared sa ibang sumasali. di ba may Philippine version? Sali tayo!!!

  2. Mabuti na lang di kayo sumali kasi di na kayo magiging FAT AND FAB BROS. nyan… baka maging FIT AND RIGHT BROS. na.. LOL

  3. hala ang galing…pero meron lang akong na notice sa email na ginamit. dba kung big networks ang mag-email, hindi sila gumagamit ng free email providers like gmail..tingin ko mga anti sayo ang gumawa nyan. pero don’t worry, kung may anti, may mga supports ka na mas marami pa sa kanila..

    1. @Justin Sapar — what you said is possible but as you know big companies do hire agencies to do the casting calls for them. they don’t necessarily do it themselves. as for your observation that this might be somebody who is against us… uhmmm… o.a. naman kung ganun… inaamin naman naming FAT and FAB kami eh. bottomline, am not one to be easily swayed by emails like that one. so chill lang… nothing to it.

  4. sayanga oi… that would’ve been a blast… unya mag-bisaya/mag-tagalog mo ni Kuya Avel na inookray ang mga kasama niyong contestants… hahaha…

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