Project O! Consultants Debuts

Opportunity knocks only once

I almost did not open the door

Almost got caught in the quagmire called anger

Then I realized that I should have formalized this a long time ago

I have been handling events left and right

Consulted for projects of friends and acquiantances

Marketed products and services

It wasn’t an easy ride

I fumbled and stumbled along the way

Got right back on my feet and got better

Through the years I’ve built a reputation

I delivered the goods.

I upped the ante each time.

I made the sponsors happy.

More importantly, the target audience are even happier.

The recent goings-on made me realized

I should now make a go for it

Make use of my network

And do what I do best

Deliver the goods.

This February, Project O! Consultants

Debuts with the following events

Kasalang Filipino Wedding Fair & Exhibits

Lakan at Lakambini ng Gensan

Binibining Gandang Hari

All these events will be happening

At the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan

Through God’s grace, we shall prevail.

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