Behold The Future with Asia United Bank’s Virtual Teller

The phrase “virtual teller” may bring to mind a mechanical robot at an amusement arcade.  But Asia United Bank’s Virtual Teller Kiosk (VTK) is nothing to laugh about.

The Virtual Teller is designed to reduce over-the-counter queues and speed up straight-forward self-service tasks while freeing up Bank staff to deal with more complex issues.

Using the VTK, AUB clients could now do away with the tedious task of filling up the deposit slips for every cash and check deposits.  They only need to encode details of the transaction in the VTK machine and get a queue slip.

This automated process allows tellers to avoid human error in processing transactions.  It also eliminates the need for AUB branch personnel to do time-consuming account reconciliation at the end of every banking day as all transactions have already been encoded in a database.

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