Affordable Scents Of Your Favorite Perfumes

Two weeks ago, I got a pleasant surprise.

A friend of mine delivered twelve small bottles of perfumes.

I thought he was gonna sell them to me.

He wanted me to try them out so I can blog about it.

These are actually scents of bestselling perfumes.

I’m not one to be duped coz I love perfumes

I have my own collection at home

I first tried the Cool Water scent

I was impressed coz it did smell like Davidoff’s Cool Water

My friend explained that these are 50% oil based

And based on his experience, the scent would last a day

I then tried the Chanel #5 scent and I became an immediate convert

Now you can have your own collection of your favorite scent

It may not be the original but at least it comes close

And it’s very affordable too at 150 pesos per bottle

Armani, Drakkar, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and many more

If you wanna check them out yourself

Visit me at AUB from 10am-2pm

Now na.

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