Maligayang Kwarenta Y Nwebe, Kuya Avel!


The other half of Fat & Fab Brothers is a year older today

Not necessarily richer but definitely wiser

Today he celebrates forty-nine years of a checkered life

Not too many people may know it

Kuya Avel went through it all

Life’s ups and downs

Love’s travails and consequences

From being on top of the world

To being down and out

I saw every bit of his transformation

A total 360 degree turn-about

He is a survivor

He is surviving

I still don’t agree with the choices he make

I still believe he could have done better

But if I were made to choose another brother

I’d still choose Kuya Avel

He may not be the perfect elder sibling

But he’s one loyal biatch

Who definitely cares

And absolutely loves

Happy Birthday, Kuya Avel!

You deserve a Hong Kong vacation…

Watch this video done by our niece, Paula…

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