Bankers’ Christmas Party Was A Huge Success

I have not TRULY enjoyed a CBAGS Party until last Friday

CBAGS is the City Bankers’ Association of Gen. Santos City

Well, probably because I was the master of ceremonies this year

But really even the party during my induction as CBAGS President can’t match the fun we had

I have not been very active with CBAGS for sometime now

Team AUB does not get involved in major events

But when my services are tapped, I’m always an eager beaver

So when I was requested to emcee this year’s Christmas Party

It only took a few seconds to check my schedule then I said yes

That probably was one of the best decisions I made this December

courtesy of armando nicolas

For starters, the incoming officers are good friends of mine

We had a blast practicing the night before D-day

They all welcomed my suggestions and that was good

And when I saw their Surprise Dance Number I knew then that everyone’s gonna like it

Suffice to say, the party went great and surprisingly, was well-attended

The audience, who were mostly bankers, lapped at my every antic

The program was seamless and as promised finished in 1.5 hours

When I got to sit with Team AUB after my emcee’ing stint

I knew then that I did a good job, thank goodness!

To the new set of officers, Godspeed to you and God bless

To President Manny Evangelista, more power and do WOW us this year

Mabuhay ang mga Bangkero ng Gensan!

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