Addicted To Angry Birds

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I am a certified Angry Birds Addict

Angry Birds is a games application which cost $0.99

It is available for download using your iPod Touch or iPhone

I’m not really into computer games

I get so stressed with each level of difficulty

I want games which I can handle in my own pace

It goes without saying that Angry Birds fits my needs to a “T”

The object of the game is simple

Destroy all the pigs that have stolen the eggs of the birds

Each level has a different structure to destroy

It may be built of wood, concrete or glass

Within each structure are the pigs that you need to destroy

All you have are five Angry Birds with unique abilities

I’ve completed all the levels already

But I need to earn three stars on each so I am replaying them

Angry Birds was developed by Rovio, a Finland-based company

Since it was introduced, more than 6.5 million copies have been purchased

I recently bought the Seasons Version for $0.99

I’ve completed both the Halloween & Christmas editions

It has become so popular that a video parody has been made about it

Check this out…

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