I Got My Invite to Pacquiao’s 32nd!

What could have been a “ngarag” day yesterday turned out to be grandioso!

First reason:  I was able to finish the budget of my five branches

Second reason:  I got my invite for Pacquiao’s Birthday Party on the 17th!

Unlike the invitations of birthdays past

The one I got this year is simple but elegant

Dubbed as the Blue & Gold Birthday Bash

Gensan is all agog about the party of the year

From the hoi polloi to the elite

Everyone’s trying to get invited

And why so?

The Birthday Boy will be raffling the following:

Three Flatscreen Television sets

Two motorcycle bikes

One Toyota Vios vehicle

Now beat that!

The invite states Strictly Formal attire

I gotta get my suit ready then

Happy Birthday, Bosing!

Cheers to good health, a happy family and a fruitful life.

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