Biggest Bank Merger Happening Tomorrow

Have you heard the BIG news?  People are talking about it.  Could it be true? There will be a merger of banks tomorrow. They say it’s in a scale that has never been seen before in history.  Our sources say that this is something that will definitely rock the banking industry. Below are the shocking details:

  • Venue of the merger: Phela Convention Center
  • Date of Merger: December 03, 2010
  • Time of Merger: 6:30 pm
  • Acquisition price per share: P1,500/8pax, P200 per person in excess, P200 for door price or gift in kind with same value.
  • Lead Underwriter: Branch Head Susan Acosta of  Land Bank of the Philippines  (Bankers must bring their  stubs as proof of the merger)

Be there and be a part of history!

Thanks to CBAGS Incoming President Manny Evangelista of PS Bank for this shout-out!

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