Has A New Frog Mascot

We finally have a winner! has a new Frog Mascot and that’s courtesy of co-Sox Blogger Ric “Kaywkyaw” Dumalay.  I loved the way Ric played with the shades of green which made the frog more likable.  The different poses of the frog also gave me inspiration to maneuver the Theme by next year.  (Attention:  Teacher Lyle Santos! Hehehehe!)  Congratulations Ric and for your effort, you win FIVE THOUSAND PESOS in cold (hard-earned) cash!  This will be awarded during the BlogFest on December 11, 2010!  And to the non-winning entries, thanks just the same.  Each entry will get a mug courtesy of PhilAm Life.

Here’s Ric’s description of his winning entry:

“When a frog jumps into your life, consider it good luck. The frog has been considered a symbol of fertility. It depicts different stages and incredible transformation as it reaches maturity, and so do we as humans.  The frog understands what it feels with the pain of growing, and experiencing many things, from reacting to its surroundings, and even from loving and giving up.

“The frog symbolizes fertility, and of abundance because of the many eggs they lay. Hence, the frog is the greatest symbol to represent It simply bears abundance of the writer’s thoughts and the pains of every transition it experiences.  But at the end of it all, while reflecting life, a frog always jumps, leaping towards greater and brighter future and looking for a peaceful place, each step is numbered, just like the writer of this blog with its every post.”

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