Jammin’ In Kape Zamboanga

After a sumptuous dinner, our gracious hosts brought us to Kape Zamboanga

I was thinking that it was gonna be some sort of a coffee shop so I went along

Kape Zamboanga is actually more than just a cafe-cum-bistro

It has become a hub of local artists and a favorite hang-out of acoustic music-lovers

The place was cozy and homey but since it was full, the aircon unit wasn’t of much help

Since we were really full, we just ordered drinks and enjoyed the live music

The fun part was that the audience can jam with the singers onstage

Our host, Joel, was the first to sing – that’s when the whole place came to life

Everyone was cheering him on so you can just imagine how it us that night

Then we egged Donna Mae to sing and sing, she did

She started by saying:  “Okay lang di naman ako kilala dito!”

Only to be shocked when out from among the audience

Somebody blurted out:  “Kilala ka namin – Donna Congson!”

But it did not deter our Donna Mae because she sang with so much gusto

That it was like listening to the original version of the song

We had a blast that night and was about ready to go back to our hotel

When Kuya Avel decided to go onstage and  brought the house down with his song renditions

When we finally went home, we only had superlatives for Zamboanga

Jammin’ in Kape Zamboanga was probably the best way to call it a night

courtesy of http://travel-sulu.blogspot.com/

Kape Zamboanga is located along Mayor Jaldon Street, Canelar (fronting Metrobank), Zamboanga City.  It is owned and managed by Bambut Montano.  They may be contacted at 992-4052 or via their email [email protected]  They are open from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 pm to 12:00 midnight.

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