A Week In The Life Of A Banker

My week had been a killer.

The Boss was visiting.

Traveling became the thing.

Off to Davao I went last Monday.

Interviews were conducted.

My biggest bonding moment yet with the Boss.

Had a good laugh here and there.

And decisions had to be made.

Hoping it would stand till the ink goes dry.

My cellphone never stopped ringing.

Email messages kept coming.

Appointments set.

Proposals discussed.

I didn’t close the deal just yet.

There’s more fish to fry.

More coffee to brew.

Tuesday was Visit Tagum Day.

Quite impressed with what we saw.

Hopefully a branch might be up by 2011.

Major bummer was on its way.

Learned the news and wanted to yell.

The Bigger Boss was still not convince.

The Boss calmed us down.

Laying low for now.

Butuan came next in my Wednesday itinerary.

Four hours trip was quick but boy was I bored.

Even “Angry Birds” didn’t help to cheer me up.

Meeting came through surprisingly well.

Hopefully by month-end, we’ll have a reason to smile from ear-to-ear.

Cellphone kept ringing.

Messages kept coming.

Travelled back to Gensan on Wednesday night.

Fatigued and forlorn.

The love front was bad – really bad.

Cold nights are difficult to bear.

Hated every second of it.

Good thing there was Manang Precy.

Had my nails cleaned.

Got a relaxing full-body massage too.

Woke up in a better mood on Thursday.

Thank goodness for an efficient team.

There is less stress in my base.

The support system is strong and heartwarming.

Had lunch with Anthony Pangilinan.

Attended his talk about Values in the Work Place.

I learned a thing or two.

He made C.E.N.T.S. too.

But that’s gonna be another blog to do.

I traveled again.

This time with more company.

5:00 am on Friday morning was painfully early.

Dozed off in a restless sleep.

Woke up in Davao City ready to go.

The Product Briefing was very informative.

More so that we discovered

That we now have a strong-willed ally

Who will stand up to assholes to protect our ranks

Finished up the meeting discussing 2011 Budgets

Travelled back to Gensan at half-past four in the afternoon

Learned on the way that someone’s resigning soon

I was astonished by my reaction

“It’s just another job to do…”

So stoic.  So true.  So beautiful.

I am getting the hang of this job.

Reached my abode, safe and sound.

My dogs were too happy to see me.

Slept early.  Woke up early.

I am blogging again.

Thank goodness.

I am back, faithful readers.

Welcome to my life.


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