MegaMind Felt Like A Mediocre Despicable Me

I’m torn between liking this movie or not.  It had all the ingredients of a really good film but in the end it did not deliver.  Was it because Despicable Me almost had a similar storyline?  Wherein the Bad guy ends up as the Good guy?  Was it because I expected too much of Tina Fey being in this movie?  (She was the voice of  Roxanne Ritchi).  Was it Will Ferrell‘s bad duet with Manny Pacquiao that turned me off?  (Oops, they did a duet over Jimmy Kimmel’s show and not in this movie and that was really deplorable.)  The animation was great and the 3D effects made me literally jumped off my seat in some scenes.  The whole movie was amusing in its entirety but it felt like it could have been much better.  It’s not something that you’ll talk about after viewing it and that is bad.  I didn’t encourage friends to watch it.  Don’t get me wrong – this is really well-made for a CGI-animated film – it’s just that it did had so much WOW-effect on me.  Go figure.   GESM Rating:  

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