And Then There Was None


I’m a people person.  I thrive better when I am around people.  I am easy to get along with but I do have my moments.  When you get past my taray mode then you’re good to go.  Unfortunately, getting through that layer of my personality might be too intimidating for some.  Well, a lot of folks get turned off and stay away – very far away.  That’s why each time I am in a relationship, all hell will surely break loose.  I almost always lay off my guard and just let the emotions flow.  I give it my all.  My love.  My time.  My life.  That’s just who I am when I’m in love because I thrive in relationships.  I become a better person.  I become more grounded.  And when I’m in love, I’m easier to deal with.  I’ve been through a lot of pain and anguish in my roller-coaster ride called LOVING.  Don’t get me wrong but there were fun episodes too.  I’ve learned a lot from my past relationships.  I try to be a better partner but sometimes it just doesn’t work in the way I want it to.  Every break up is painful.  Each effort to move on has become more difficult each time.  How long has it been?  Fifteen years perhaps, three failed relationships.  I’m not that young anymore.  I need stability.  But loving is stressful.  More so now – for me.  Be it as it may I am ready to love and roll.  I still have a lot of loving to share.  Will I be more wary this time?  More cunning?  More scheming?  Bullshit!  I will be just me.

And then there was none.  Who cares?  The right one might be forthcoming.  Hopefully.

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