Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Much have been said about the proposed NEW campaign slogan of the Tourism Department.  For the light of me, I couldn’t believe that a number of Filipinos think so lowly of our own National Language.  So what if we use our OWN language in our OWN campaign?  So what if the target market is international?  Think MABUHAY, ladies and gentleman.  That’s our very own language that is known the world over.  So I say, bull-crap to anybody who says that this wouldn’t work. GIVE IT A CHANCE TO WORK, for heaven’s sake!  Pilipinas Kay Ganda needs a lot of getting used to.  But right now, with all the negative things I’ve heard about it – I AM ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO LIKE IT.  This campaign is not just about tourist destinations.  It is about  the Kindred Filipino Spirit whose hospitality is never equalled.  This is about being Filipino.

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  1. I think it’s not the use of Filipino language that’s the main problem. It’s the execution of the logo and the grand launch. The sexy girl group Pretty Young Thing performed in the launch which gave a negative connotation.

    Also many people pointed out that nobody uses “Kay Ganda” anymore. I think they should have used Wow Philippines instead if we are left to choose between that or the new branding
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  2. its true…so what’s the fuss on the language used…..but what is this again? another booboo?….as shown in the inquirer front page (11/19/10)WOW MALI spot the difference?….the slogan art was copied from polands official travel website?……confusing….tsk..tsk..tsk…

  3. why do they need to change WOW Philippines? why dont they reinforce it instead? (its because of Politics?)it than starting a new campaign.i guess the WOW Philippines is much much appealing than Pilipinas Kay Ganda which is so gay. haha. just kidding.

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