They Told Me So

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It happened all over again

And a million “I-told-you-so’s” have been thrown at me

Well, life’s a never ending learning process

And loving is just part of it

Going through a heartache has never been easy for me

At the peak of each pain, my friends have seen it all

So much so that they’d be only too glad

Each time I declare that I’m over the pain

I’ve shown to all and sundry that I cope beautifully

Thank goodness for killer schedules

I usually don’t have time anymore to sulk

I have indeed moved on

Well until love came knocking back again

Not that I was too naive not to see familiar signs

I was just too in love with the idea of falling in love again

Loving is a wonderful feeling

It gives you a different high every time

And love is always sweeter the second time around

Or is it?

When the cracks started to show

God knows I’ve tried so hard to work things out

There were moments when I get so stressed out

That I just wanted to end it right there and then

But the better of me prevailed

I hang on even it if hurts so much

Stressful as it was, I eventually snapped and gave up

Surprisingly I was calm and unperturbed

Accused of being bitter, I was more circumspect than angry

In past break ups I was quick to accept the blame

This time, I will just forgive myself for loving and trusting too much

No blaming.  No regrets.  The end.

Have I moved on?  I am working on it.

Although it’s easier now, I still worry.

Bullshit!  But I do worry.

And that my faithful readers is what I’m afraid of

But like any wounded warrior

I, too, must learn from mistakes past…

That should weigh more in the future

I abhor being told a million “I-told-you-so’s”

I want to finally see the end of it

Enough said.

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