Lemlunay’s Lifestyle Of The Feeling Rich And Famous


There’s this place in Maasim Town where the rich and famous frequent

It boasts of its awesome dive site, great food, fantastic service and an infinity pool

We were lucky enough to experience what people have been talking about in these parts

Thanks to Sarangani Tourism honcho Michelle Solon for making it possible

Bigger thanks to Paul Partridge for the red carpet treatment

Lemlunay Resort has indeed come a long way since its beginnings

What used to be the Partridge Family‘s vacation resort

Has now been improved and expanded as a premiere tourist destination

It has long been known as the jump-off point for divers because of its immensely beautiful underwater world

Now, an infinity pool beckons anyone to take a dip and enjoy the majestic view of Sarangani Bay

Rooms with five-star accommodations are now available for EVERYONE

The Partridge Family’s tradition of good food and great hospitality is evident in Lemlunay Resort

That made our experience even more memorable and unforgettable

I am indeed going back and this time I’m spending the night there

Go see.  Go try.  Go Lemlunay.  Now na.

For reservations, you may call them at (083) 228-1704.


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