Dining In Zamboanga

courtesy of rabsky villanueva

I’ve always love Zamboanga City.  Every visit means experiencing something different.  I love Zamboanga for its rustic appeal yet you can feel its economic dynamism.  Moreso, I love Zamboangaenos for they are more welcoming and malambing.  This is my second visit this year and as always I have enjoyed my stay.  A visit to Zamboanga would not be complete without shopping at the Barter Trade Center.  Products from Malaysia and Indonesia are sold here tax-free.  Pasonanca Park and the Boys’ Scout Jamboree Camp are must-visits.  And there’s the old Lantaka Hotel by the bay and Camp Pilar where the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is enshrined.  And of course, the food.  It is always a delight to savor Zamboanga’s food offerings.  Here’s what’s in store for you, faithful readers, if you intend to visit Asia’s Latin city soon…

Sea crabs galore – prepared simply by steaming

The Alavar sauce was served separately

Only in Zamboanga that Curacha is available all-year round

Be careful of the sharp shell of the curacha

Kitang (Spotted Butter Fish) grilled to perfection

The fish meat was so juicy that I almost consumed it all by myself

Roti Bread ala Zamboanga

This is an original Malaysian recipe that’s oh-so-yummy

Beef Kulma (or Curma) is curry-based viand

Inspired by our Malaysian neighbors, this one’s not for the faint-hearted

Chicken Pianggang is a spicy Tausug viand also called as Blackened Chicken

It turns black not because it was burnt but because of the special spices used to prepare it

Adobong Pusit na Puti has always been my favorite

This one’s really tender and tasted so good

Spicy Pansit Bihon Guisado that will surely tickle your fancy

And I thought nothing can surprise me anymore

Super Bilao Grill to-die-for

Try this one for a group of five individuals – Sulit talaga!

Ensaladang talong is the best balancer for any grilled seafood

But try the manggang hilaw ensalada with itlog na maalat

Carolina’s Grill serves the best Beef Kulma, Chicken Pianggang, Spicy Pancit Bihon Guisado and Roti Bread.  The best time to dine is from 6:00 onwards.  They are located at Baliwasan, Moret and may be contacted at 926-9141.

Country Chicken Restaurant offers the Super Bilao Grill which includes pork chorizo, calamares, spare ribs, bangus, itlog maalat, tortang talong and fried chicken.  All for PhP900.00++.  Add PhP250.00 for a mean serving of Crispy Pata.  They’re located along the Pasonanca Park Complex.  For reservations, contact 0908-899-6826.

Alavar’s Restaurant is probably one of the oldest restaurants in Zamboanga City.  Their Crab and Curacha viands would not be complete without the popular Alavar Sauce.  Try their Grilled Kitang and Ensaladang Talong combination too.  Alavar’s is along Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan. Make your reservations at 991-2483.

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