My Almost Two-Minutes Of Fame (My Micah Rodriguez Tribute)

photo courtesy of micah rodriguez

I love Micah Rodriguez.  The first time I saw her in Davao City I felt an instant liking for her.  Not that I’m shifting gears now – it’s just that Micah came across like an ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan.  This tall, statuesque lady might appear intimidating but she’s really just your ordinary gal who dreams of finding her one true love and prince charming someday (aren’t we all like her?).   And the lady has talent too.  In January this year, she created Project 52 Weeks, a video blog that challenges herself to create 52 video shorties (short films) in 52 weeks.  Armed with her Lumix DMC-LX3 camera, she went ahead and created some of blogosphere’s funniest, emo-heavy, lesson-filled, over-reacting lead actors and actresses (moi, included!) and in-your-face stories.

photo courtesy of lyle santos (si dulce lang ang pagitan namin ni micah!)

She almost decided to shut-down the project but her friends rallied around her.   I wished for her to get her groove back.  Well, she just did and shot six shorties during the SEX Tour recently.  And what better way to boost her morale but by her figuring in 2010’s Top 10 Emerging and Influential Blogs.  Sis, you’re not alone.  You may have your NYOKs behind you but you have me from this side of the Pilipinas.  I will be, forever, your sister in crime!

photo courtesy of lyle santos (end to end naman kami dito ni micah!)

Incidentally in that Sex Tour, Micah made me do something I’ve never done before – act in a shortie.  Yes, faithful readers, His Royal Gandaness is in a short film.  Watch the video below and be kind with your comments….

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