28 Sep 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Author: orman | Filed under: Sikat Ever

Today’s my special day – it’s my birthday!

I asked the Lord to make me sexy and thin again…

The Lord said:  “Sorry, Orms… I’ve performed enough miracles for the day.”

Lesson learned: Stay off that chicken skin!

courtesy of kenneth ciriaco

Since yesterday, birthday greetings has started pouring in my FaceBook account

Now it has become a deluge of well-wishes for happiness and churvaness

Somebody I have yet to meet made a  birthday-blog-tribute just for me

And a very good friend, Jinky wrote from the heart and made me smile from ear to ear

Am I really that influential or am I just prettylicious?

courtesy of DJ MOKO

When friends remember your birthday it’s expected

Betcha-by-golly-wow, there’s even a blog contest to guess how much I weigh

I just have to absorb every bit of love thrown your way

Now if only some those sweet lovin’ came from ex-lovers

And with this video greeting, allow me to thank everyone who cared

It’s been a roller-coaster ride of forty-seven years

It’s one exciting trip so far and I’m looking forward to the ride of my life

Bring it on.

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29 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. sheng said:

    When birthdays come, many remember you, but even without birthdays, I will remember you because you just don’t how much you have touched people’s lives. Thank you Sir Orman for the friendship, i am so glad to have known you and it is my pleasure to be your friend. All the best! Happy Birthday!
    sheng´s newest blog post post ..Enjoying Music at Music City Family KTV

  2. nanardxz said:

    maayad-ayad nga pag-saulog sang imu adlaw nga pagkabun-a (wahahaha) sir O, halin sa amon sa South Cotabato Tambayan (plug) :) God bless and more more more… ^^
    nanardxz´s newest blog post post ..Lake Sebus Zipline featured on ABS- CBNs Sports Unlimited

  3. Cidy said:

    Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years, HAPPY Birthday =)

  4. Pao said:

    I know this is not very ideal to greet you just through a comment but still, I wish you a happy birthday Sir Orms! Wish you all the luck and the health. :D
    Pao´s newest blog post post ..Nothing you can sing that cant be sung

  5. jinky said:

    happy, happy birthday! the blog post below is for you! mwah!
    jinky´s newest blog post post ..OWS! Older- Wiser and Sweeter

  6. Chattee said:

    Happy birthday to you, G! :)
    Chattee´s newest blog post post ..A week to go…

  7. Robstroy said:

    Hahahaha… kiat kaayo ang Brendel sa video o. aheheheh…

    Seriously, ikaw talaga yang kumakain ng chicken sa picture?

    Happy Birthday ter Orman.
    Robstroy´s newest blog post post ..Bugsay- Bugsay Giling2x Jutay! – The CDO Bugsay White Water Rafting Adventure

  8. Micamyx said:

    Mahal na mahal kita sister dearest! :D
    Micamyx´s newest blog post post ..Micamyx supports Alaminos- Pangasinan in Kraft Eden’s 100 Days of Christmas

  9. Smarla said:

    Happy birthday :D
    Smarla´s newest blog post post ..Remembering Typhoon Ondoy

  10. liezl said:

    wishing u a long and happy life always. happy birthday orms. –job, liezl and cache
    liezl´s newest blog post post ..Whoa Gensan MTV

  11. pizzagirl said:

    sir happy happy birthday …see u here in davao for extended celebration…mwah!

  12. lito said:

    aw ikaw man diay tong nasa first pic.dugay nako narecognized abe nko keke nimo kay gwapo man gud…

    happy happy birthday i hope you are always in good health ana lang …the rest will follow…
    lito´s newest blog post post ..holy cross parish calumpang

  13. drew said:

    Happy birthday!
    drew´s newest blog post post ..Going to Manila

  14. Faust said:

    Orman you look mean and lean back then.. Happy Birthday Orms.. Wish you more blessings to come..
    Faust´s newest blog post post ..Globe Launches iPhone 4 to the Philippines

  15. Ria Jose said:

    Happy birthday Mare! Thank you for being a fab friend! :) I miss you and look forward to seeing you this weekend. Stay safe and healthy. :) I love you. <3

  16. OLAN said:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANDANESS OF GENSAN! Thanks for the last week’s blast! It was fun and I had the greatest time of my time in Gensan. Happy Birthday and all the best just for you!

  17. Edcely said:

    hapPy hAppy bday po tito ormz,
    wish u ol d’ best.. gud health,
    aCtive mind aNd spiritually..
    tHank you so mUch po..
    stay safe, sWeet aNd healthy..
    God Bless.

  18. alex said:

    happy bday coy…more blessings and chuvaness to come…love u coy…always take care…

  19. ezra said:

    wheeeew happy happy birthday kuya orman, keep blogging cause maraming kang napa2saya nah tao…
    ezra´s newest blog post post ..WALK FOR A CAUSE- Speleo Davao and MOSACA

  20. mark said:

    Happy Birthday Kuya Orman!!! Keep blogging. . .more blessings and gandaeversomuch-ness to come!

  21. Lyle said:

    Happy Birthday, Orman!
    Lyle´s newest blog post post ..Pre-order your Globe iPhone 4 Now

  22. Miah said:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! :)
    Miah´s newest blog post post ..How to Build a Website in Three Easy Steps

  23. nice A said:

    Happy Birthday Her Ever Gandaness! sana lalo ka pang mas gaganda ever so much. Mwahhhh!!!!
    nice A´s newest blog post post ..Saving Thoughts for OFWs Kids

  24. JIm said:

    Happy birthday, Orman!!!

  25. AlexisC said:

    Happy birthday, Sir O! :D
    AlexisC´s newest blog post post ..Happy Birthday- Sir O!

  26. Airwin said:

    I sooo love this post! especially the last line…

    “It’s one exciting trip so far and I’m looking forward to the ride of my life

    Bring it on.”

    galing! nakaka inspire..

  27. anyabelle said:

    Pahabol na happy happy happy happy birthday!!! <3

  28. fahdingding said:

    Pahabol din Kuya!
    Mwaah! We love you so much!

  29. atty magman said:

    isa pang happy birthday! hahaha
    kasi sa plurk lang ako nakapag greet! mwah mwah!
    atty magman´s newest blog post post ..MANILA MEANDERINGS by Orly Cajegas

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