Happiest Birthday Ever

courtesy of oliver buiser

What better way to relax after a grueling Tuna Festival week

But to celebrate your birthday with family and friends

In a party loaded with food & drinks and love, most definitely

Last night was my happiest birthday bash by far

No pressure.  No stress.  No toxicity whatsoever.

Amandari Cove was a perfect party venue.

Away from the hustle and bustle, it was heaven on earth, actually.

pictures in this collage are courtesy of oliver buiser

I wanted to be celebrate my special day with people I’m most comfortable with

It was heartwarming to be around people you share so much love

Feelings are more spontaneous and you can just be yourself

For me, this is the best way to celebrate your birthday

Just letting your hair down and speaking from the heart

pictures in this collage are courtesy of oliver buiser

I’m forty-seven and I’m mighty proud of it

Everything that I’ve done is now history

There’s a whole caboodle to things to do

Oliver and I are giving it another run

Now, this should make my 48th an interesting episode to look forward to

In the meantime, let me savor the memories…

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