The Bone Doc Waxes “Romantic”

I want to share this blog post by fellow blogger-extraordinaire Doc Remo Aguilar.  When somebody you respect writes about you the way The Bone Doc did, you just want to drop dead happily.  After reading this piece, I realized that somehow my blog has touched people like you, faithful readers.  This makes me want to open up all the more.  Now that would be really nasty… hehehehe…. Read on coz this one made me blush!

“Its been more than a week already after GandaEverSoMuch (GESM) grand blogversary and  eyeball but I have yet to recover from the hangover. The evidence? I’m still at lost consolidating my experience and writing about it! There’s just too many (if you are at counting fun) to deal with! To think, I just joined two of his seven week charade of contests.

“Nonetheless,  I learned so much from GESM’s  success and The Man behind The Blog. Let me humbly enumerate them here. (Feel free to violently react if you will, but please, try working first with the man before you rant your bosom out.)

  1. Exaggerate. Yes exaggerate with being true. The man and the blog shines because he and the contents are filled with sincerity. Of course the in your face approach to sincerity is an exaggeration but damn, its one trait I really wanted to learn
  2. Be generous with everything.Be generous with the best that you can do.The event, the contest, the prizes, everything was generous. How can you say no to that guy??
  3. Publicize, socialize and again, publicize. Did you ever hear of a blogversary that was broadcast to the whole city? He even have guest from outside the city. To think this is just his hobby. A hobby take note.
  4. Be engaging.Be viral.infect your reader and friends with your thoughts, events etc.  Always create a venue for them to respond and act
  5. Be personal and be interesting. You know why his post and events are patok? They are those that appeal to our psyche yet for some reason we had inhibitions trying to dwell on them ourselves.  He says exactly what he (or we wished could have said) needs to say
  6. Be friendly. Or be friendly enough to curse your enemies. that way it’s still friendly. GESM had a way with dealing people, and so far his friendliness is nothing but viral.
  7. Offer something tangible, not necessarily expensive or cheap, but tangibly your trademark giveaway. If you have seen us all drool about his giveaways, you will forget, for one moment, you actually just want to be appreciated by GESM and not the giveaway actually.
  8. Recognize, praise people, ask for their help if necessary. Some, like me are just hungry for this. Make that official and put it your personality or your blog to recognize people, with sincerity..
  9. Be determined, be persistent. GESM has had all these and more. I for one is awed at the work invested at the backend, behind the scene, that contributed so much to the blog and event’s success. To run it for almost 2 months, that’s something.
  10. Smile and be happy This positive disposition is the most infectious trait I’ve gained from GESM

“There I’ve said it all. I’m sure most of us will say ‘yeah, yeah, we all knew those”, but are we really practicing it? Perhaps, GESM and the Man behind it sets us on course towards a better perspective on blogging personality. In, my opinion, it simply is the reflection of the man behind the blog. And this was simply the reason for the success of the blog and the GESM blogversary.

“Thank you GESM!”

This repost was originally posted by Doc Remo Aguilar last August 18, 2010.  I tried to share in on Facebook but it seems that any repost from The Bone Doc’s site is blocked by Facebook.  He has since reported and complained about it but has not been acted upon by FaceBook.  Read his post about it here.

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