Why Cafe Amoree Won Our Hearts

Cafe Amoree is fast becoming a favorite hang-out of the Generals.  I was one of the doubting Thomases when power-couple Ricky and Tess Almanzor decided to open a coffee shop AWAY from where the real action is.  Mabuhay Road is not anyone’s choice for a place to be seen and heard so I knew where my doubts were coming from.  But this couple were hardput in pursuing their plans.  It’s a good thing they did.  They now boasts of a steady clientele-base of the old-rich who prefers sipping their coffee far from the madding crowd.  And these are the moneyed customers who will only share their love for Cafe Amoree to their equally moneyed close friends.  Ricky and Tess are just smiling their way to the bank.

It only took one text message to Ricky – I told him that I had blogger-friends from Manila arriving and he immediately offered to treat our group for a late-night escapade at their cafe.  I warned my guests about the cakes and pastries offerings of the cafe.  They are so sinfully tasteful and you will definitely throw whatever diet regimen you are on out of the window.  They thought I was kidding – until they saw what Cafe Amoree has to offer.

How’s that for cake overload?  These are all perfect matches for Cafe Amoree’s coffee choices.  My guests went gaga over the different cakes offered to us.  They were all delicious and surprisingly not too sweet.  The prices per serving are also way low compared to Manila prices.  Nagulat talaga sila. Another pleasant surprise for them was how well Cafe Amoree’s coffee offerings can compete with more well-known coffee shops.  That’s another feather to the cap of Cafe Amoree.  And we’re not even talking about the great ambiance that the place can offer.  We went home that night feeling happily bloated.  It made for one swell evening for my guests.  Thanks, Ricky and Tess, for making Gensan proud.  Cafe Amoree is on her way to the top!

Cafe Amoree is located at the Dacera Arcade along Mabuhay Road.  They are open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 in the morning to 12:00 midnight.  They have two conference rooms available for small group meetings.  A quaint Resto-Bar, behind the coffee shop, also offers delicious viands.  For reservations, you may call them at (083) 554-2173.  And hey they have free WIFI too!

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