Tuna Delights @ Big Ben’s

I’ve always known Big Ben’s for their steaks

So when Tita Baby (the other half of Big Ben’s) invited us for something different

I never had any inkling how different it would be

I was with Kuya Avel and two Manila Bloggers Micah Rodriguez and Cai Abbas

And this was Day 1 of the SoCCSKSarGen Experience Tour

This will really catch anyone’s eye because of its presentation

Taking my first bite of their Mediterranean Tuna was pure delight

I love it for its wonderful blend of sweetness and saltiness

Their Tuna Curry is actually a tuna burger patty with curry sauce

The mild curry taste took away the off-putting fishiness of tuna

This is one juicy, tasty and high-protein meal I’d order anytime

My favorite was the awesome Tuna Salpicao

I didn’t realize that tuna can be a good substitute for beef or chicken

Nowhere did I get that fishy after-taste and all I got was just great tasting salpicao

And there’s their jaw-dropping Tuna Paella

This one’s to die for because as it is, it’s already a complete meal

What I liked about it is they lessened the stickiness of the rice which made for easy eating

Tita Baby surprised us with their Giant Halo-halo

Opps… there’s no tuna in this halo-halo

Just sweet corn, sweetened saging-na-saba, macapuno and homemade ice cream

This one serves six people!

Big Ben’s is co-owned by Baby Munda and Ben Tupas.  It is located along the Right Wing of the Al Fresco Strip of Robinson’s Place Gensan.  They are open from 10:00 in the morning up to 10:00 in the evening.  They will soon offer Angus Beef Steak in their menu.

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