Dining at Red Trellis Is Always A Thrilling Experience

Red Trellis Seafood Garden may boasts about their amazing food offerings

But the secret to the success of Red Trellis is the owner himself

George Sandoval is a hands-on restaurateur who will make every visit worth your while

When we brought our Manila blogger-friends to Red Trellis, George was in Davao

Despite his absence his influence is so all-over the place

We were treated like royalty – the George Sandoval-way

And by the time we finished, lo and behold,

Straight from Davao, George caught up with us

Now who can beat that?

Their crabs in coconut milk sauce is their bestseller

Be prepared to use your hands once you wear their brown apron

This is gonna be one messy affair

But with crabs this good, you won’t even care

Scallops are called tipay in Tacloban

Red Trellis tipay offering is not the usual “baked with butter and garlic”

Theirs is sprinkled with generous servings of minced garlic, spring onion leaves and diced onions

This for me is the perfect combination toppings for tipay

It particularly took away the “langsa” effect of the scallops

I love my prawns the way Red Trellis prepares them

They’re not over-cooked and they are oh-so-delectable

The 30-grammer prawn size are always the tastiest

Cooked in butter and minced garlic makes this a superb viand

We tried their sizzling white sea squid too

Its sweet sauce blended well with the soft squid meat

Be careful not to touch the hot plate though

Again kudos to the chef for not overcooking the squid

It made for one very tasty meal

I had my first taste of Black Rice at Red Trellis

This is actually regular steamed rice and stir-fried in squid ink

Whatever diet you’re on, I suggest that you leave it in the house

With steamed rice like this, Miss Piggy, it’s game on!

Red Trellis is located along Tiongson Extension, Lagao across the new gate of NDDU IBED Lagao.  They also have live seafoods on display in their well-maintained tanks. If you come and dine at Red Trellis, you may choose which seafood you wish for your dish. The wide range of choices in their menu and guests’ option as to how they want their seafoods cooked makes Red Trellis truly the place to go for a great dining experience.

Red Trellis Seafood Garden is now accepting reservations for functions, private parties and outside catering. The Garden can accommodate groups anywhere between 20 t0 120 guests. Conduct your meetings and parties in al fresco dining while enjoying your favorite seafoods. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  For reservations, you may contact them at 302-2722.  You may also want to check out their website at http://www.redtrellis.com/ or click HERE for their location.

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