Big Chow’s Authentic Chinese Food

There was this restaurant in Gensan which offered authentic Chinese food

For many years, South Park Noodle House lorded it over the rest of its competitors

It built a reputable name with its delectable and affordable food

It was also known for its cozy atmosphere and superb customer service

When they created another branch, they aptly called it BIG CHOW

Big chow, indeed – for here we still can order their popular viands

Somei fillet is steamed dory with soy sauce is still tops

The fish meat is so yummy and has no umay after-effect

Their Crispy Garlic Chicken combines east/west influence

Its crunchiness will make you crave for more

Try it with kalamansi-toyo sauce dip to give it an added zest

Another best seller and must-order is their Big Chop Suey

What I liked about this viand is that the vegetables are still crunchy

I particularly loved the water chestnuts (singkamas) in it

And what would a Chinese restaurant be without the noodles

Their Canton Guisado is a certified hit to any pansit-lover like me

It should be served HOT so you can really experience its distinct taste

Big Chow cooks their viands with no MSG.  Their main restaurant is located inside the Gaisano Complex, National Highway.  The restaurants opens at 9:00 in the morning and closes at 7:00 in the evening.  They also accept catering services and offers their venue for meetings and conferences.  They may be contacted at 301-1500.

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