Aunt Ludi’s Burger Overload

Tired of the usual hamburgers offered by the Big Two?

Aunt Ludi’s array of hamburgers will surely remind you of burgers your Mom made for you

And you know how mothers prepare the patties – overload it with love!

That, I think, is how they prepare their burgers in Aunt Ludi’s

Goodness gracious!  I missed my mom after my first bite!

Their top-seller is called Two-faced Burger

A cheeseburger with Garlic Mayo-Mustard and Barbecue Sauce

And Homemade Potato Chips on the side

This is sooooo mouth-watering so you’ve got to try it yourself

The Messy Burger is Aunt Ludi’s version of Sloppy Joe’s

With Homemade Potato Chips and Coleslaw on the side

You’ve got to properly maneuver this burger to your mouth oh-so-delicately

Or you’ll end up in one very messy merienda cena

But hey it’s worth all the trouble coz this one’s better than Sloppy Joe’s

The Spanish Dignity Burger is Aunt Ludi’s take on Pinoy favorite Chorizo Burger

With Homemade Coleslaw and Potato Chips

This one’s really tasty even without catsup

You’re gonna spin nostalgic on this one

The chorizo brought back good old memories of my childhood

Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe’s main store is located at Robinson’s Place.  They also have a branch at Purok Malakas for their breads, cakes and pastries only – they have a coffee bar in this branch for coffee lovers.  For orders, they may be contacted at 552-6388 or just visit their branches anytime.

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