Gensan Pop Idol Back With A Vengeance

After three years, Gensan’s version of the highly popular American Pop Idol comes home to the Tuna Festival.  I thought about this and asked my friend Dino Veloso to help me conceptualize a singing contest similar to the American Pop Idol.  I only had one person in mind who could handle it and when I offered it to him, I was glad that he shared our enthusiasm.  That was in 2005 and since then Elmer Cequina took care of Gensan Pop Idol like it was his own baby.  It has now grown into the most coveted singing title in Gensan.

The Contest Proper

The Gensan Pop Idol is patterned after some famous talent searches for singing idols. It showcases the singing talents of the youth.  Not only that, it also projects the youth’s stance and ability to cast himself or herself on stage.  The contest is open to residents of General Santos City, with ages ranging from 14 to 24 years of age.


Reality shows are in among today’s youth.  From the UK, to the United States, and to Asian countries, more youth indulged in or are fascinated with the kind of show format on the television.  The media in our country has applied the same show format.  More and more Filipino youth are hooked on this fad that it has been a cliché for the sector.  It has now become a very powerful tool of entertainment.


The Gensan Pop Idol aims at providing a blend of youth euphoria in the field of music.  In particular, it will:

  1. Showcase the singing talents of the youth; and
  2. Encourage active youth involvement in various disciplines and youth spaces, particularly in the field of music.

Qualification of Contestants

  1. He or she must be adept in singing.
  2. He or she must be 14 to 24 years old.
  3. This is open to amateur and professional singers.


The contestant must:

  1. Fill up a registration form, with latest 2”x 2” photo on it.
  2. Submit an authenticated copy of birth certificate.
  3. Submit a certificate of residency from the barangay of origin.
  4. For minors, submission of a written consent from any of the parents or guardian allowing him or her to join in the contest.
  5. Bear all the expenses relative to the contest.

Mechanics of Contest

The Gensan Pop Idol will unfold with its schedule in this year’s Tuna Festival.  Screening/Audition will be held at Gaisano Mall on September 12, 2010. After the Screening/Audition, the qualified singing idols shall advance to the Semifinal round that will be held at Gaisano Mall on September 19, 2010.  After the Semifinal round, only eight (8) successful contestants shall be chosen to advance to the Grand Finals.  The Grand Finals will be held at Gaisano Mall on September 24, 2010.

Elimination round format

  1. The contestant may choose acapella or CD karaoke or minus one as accompaniment in his or her screening/audition performance.
  2. The judges may interrupt in between or cut the performances of contestants depending on the latter’s renditions.

Semifinal round format

  1. The contestants will be given performance numbers indicating the sequence of performances prior to the contest.
  2. Only CD karaoke or minus one will be accepted as accompaniment in the performances.
  3. The contestants shall prepare only one song as contest piece in this round. The contestants may render any song genre in their performances.

Grand finals format

  1. The finalists will render their performances in just one (1) song.
  2. After round one, the three (3) grand finalists will be chosen by the judges to advance to the ultimate round.
  3. The grand finalists shall render their final song, after which the grand winner will be chosen by the judges.

Timeline and Venue

  • August 18 – Information dissemination
  • September 8   – Deadline of submission of entries
  • September 12 – Audition/Screening (Venue: Gaisano Mall; Time:  9:00am)
  • September 19 – Semifinal round (Venue:  Gaisano Mall; Time:  3:00pm)
  • September 20-23 – Rehearsals of Finalists (Venue and Time: To Be Announced)
  • September 24 – Grand Finals (Venue:  Gaisano Mall; Time:  3:00pm)

Criteria for Judging

For the Semifinal Round:

  • Voice Quality/Interpretation and timing – 70%
  • Visual Impact/Idol Look – 30%

For Grand Finals:

  • Voice Quality/Interpretation and timing – 60%
  • Visual Impact/Idol Look – 40%

Prizes at Stake

  • Grand Winner – P  20,000.00  + Trophy
  • 1st Runner-Up –      15,000.00  + Trophy
  • 2nd Runner-Up –      10,000.00 + Trophy
  • Seven (7) Consolation Prizes @ 1,000.00 –       7,000.00

Here are the past winners of Gensan Pop Idol:  2005 – Mr. Leonilo Jimenez; 2006 – Ms. Cherlyn Cobarrubias; 2007 – Ms. Theresa Mae Villas; 2008 – Mr. Joven Greg Repe; 2009 – Ms. Mariah Carey Yap

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