Davao’s Bandila Fusion Is This Year’s Grand Champion Of FishDance Hip Hop Dance Competition

Besting fifteen other Hip Hop groups from around Mindanao

Davao’s Bandila Fusion showed how Hip Hop should be in these parts

Their dance moves were upbeat, their execution precise, their emotions high

Donning costumes that looked crisp and fitted they gyrated to music that didn’t irritate

These young group of dancers looked so clean-cut you would want to hug them

his royal gandaness in the company of winners

They were not just the Judges’ favorite

The audience loved them and the other hip hop groups rooted for them too

They might not have been lucky in did in their quest for gold in Manila

But this Gensan gig proved that they are still in their top form

Outperforming their peers and getting their groove back

i got myself bandila fusion's winning jersey!

And why am I grinning from ear to ear?

I got myself a piece of Bandila Fusion’s historic win

A jersey used by Ivon – all my own!

Thanks Bandila Fusion for being part of our  fiesta

Your participation made it more special!

Completing the Top Three Best Hip Hop Dance Groups for the 2010 FishDance Hip Hop Dance Competition are Davao’s Kids At Trix, 1st runner-up and Gensan’s very own Creeping Crew as 2nd runner up.  Bandila Fusion got 50,000.00 in cash and a trophy, Kids At Trix, 30,000.00 in cash and a trophy and Creeping Crew, 20,000.00 in cash and a trophy.

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