2010 Tuna Festival Opening Ceremonies Kicks Off With A Big Bang

It was all worth the stressful preparations and the brouhaha that came with it

Balancing my banking chores and festival tasks is not new to me

There were some irritants along the way but we were determined to succeed

And we wanted to make Mayor Darlene’s first fiesta (as mayor) to be memorable

The postponement of the Tuna Festival caused quite a stir among Generals

I don’t have any excuses about it but we had to make a decision

Rather than push for the original schedule and dish out a half-baked celebration

We opted for postponement and committed to give the best Tuna Festival ever

I’m glad that I accepted Centerpoint Band‘s offer to write the Official Theme Song of GTX 2010

Deane, Julius, Densho, Keith, Dwight and Avery proved that Gensan’s got awesome talent

The song was a perfect theme for our fiesta – it was vibrant and a last-song-syndrome material

And the music video put together by Royale Iris Studio Productions hit the nail on its head

Everyone who watched it was teary-eyed and mighty proud to be a General

Last night’s crowd was already in high spirits after watching the music video

The live performance of Centerpoint Band further increased the energy level

So when it was time for the Gensan One Dance everyone was already up on their feet, dancing

The twelve Mardi Gras Street Dancing contingents fired up the Oval grounds

As they gyrated and shook-their-booties to the beat of Whoa Gensan

courtesy of mosler paul lapore

You can just imagine the excitement of everyone when the Sky Lanterns were released

Mayor Darlene and her husband Benjie led the officials and other guests in this first-ever activity

As she and her husband released their lighted lantern she officially declared Tuna Festival 2010 open

And the other remaining forty-one lanterns raised to the heavens, one by one

Raising our hopes for a globally-competitive Gensan!

Happy Tuna Festival, Generals!

Happy 42nd Charter Day Anniversary!

photos in this collage are courtesy of dong pading

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