Three Siblings. Three Countries. Plus One.

The past ten days have been an eye-opener for me

Fulfilling a long-time promise is one thing

Enjoying it is another

But I was hell-bent of making sure that this trip pushes through

So armed with enough US dollars and just enough travel-experience

It was either now or never at all

Our 3-city Asean sojourn could have been a superficial display of sibling-love

Initially, I just want to get it over with and come back home

But right from the start, I knew that this could end up really great

However, the corporate-guy in me wanted to keep things in perspective

“You’re paying for this trip so you might as well enjoy it!”

Luckily, the Big Brother side of me prevailed

So there I was torn between being a brother or a bank book

Then it just came naturally

Suddenly we were like a team doing things together

Like a musical symphony we were actually blending well

Be it at the airport check-in counter or  the immigration line

We were actually doing things together after a very long time

And there was Marz with us

I had my apprehensions about this arrangement

Basically because I didn’t want petty lovers’ quarrel to get in the way

This is our vacation and I don’t want anyone or anything spoiling it

But Marz was a positive revelation

He was fun to be with and has this sense of “pagkukusa”

We shared the same passion, us three

We love food

We adore shopping

We can’t live without Facebook

But not necessarily in that order

Just imagine three queens ramp their way around three countries

Of course, it’s not a perfect vacation

Tempers often rise – well, mostly mine

But the thing is, my two siblings know me too well

They just let me be with my “sumpong” and all

They know that before the day ends

Their bitch-of-a-brother will come running back with his peace offering

And now we’re back in the Pilipinas

Three Siblings Plus One had a grand time

This experience made me rediscover family ties

After all has been said and done

After everyone has turned their backs on you

There’s one sure constant in life – your family

Thanks Kuya Avel, Mara and Marz for the experience of a lifetime

Our heartfelt thanks to Kenneth and Kimberly Lee who hosted our stay in Kuala Lumpur.  Big thanks to your children Krishel, Kath and Christian for making us feel at home.  In Thailand, Eunice  and Edna Aclan made sure that we experience not just shopping but also the historical sites of Bangkok.  To Justine and Ace, thanks for saving the day in Singapore.  And of course to Ravi and Tata (and their cute boys Ryan and Joshua) for the red-carpet treatment in Klang, Malaysia.  Hanggang sa susunod nating pagkikita.

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