Centerpoint’s Whoa Gensan Is On You Tube!


The excitement over the latest Tuna Festival Theme Music is ever increasing

And so while we await for the official Music Video

I made my own video out of the photo entries from last year’s Tuna Festival

This is really amateurish and crude but what the heck

It’s the music that’s important – hehehehe!

Enjoy and I am certain this will be your Last Song Syndrome!

The Theme Music of the 2010 Gensan’s Tuna Festival Experience is produced by the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.  Performed by Gensan’s fast-rising Centerpoint Band.  Lyrics by Densho and Julius while Musical Arrangement is by Centerpoint Band.  We will soon upload the MP3 version of the song for everyone to download and share!  Let’s continue to support our local talents!  Way to go, Centerpoint Band!

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