Get Pampered at Macho Mucho Salon for Men

Have you ever imagined walking into a barbershop and be treated differently?  And while waiting for you to be served, you are led to a lounge with comfortable seats and you’re offered brewed coffee while watching CNN, Channel V or The Basketball Channel.  Roll out the red carpet for the newest Salon for Men in Gensan:  Macho Mucho, a new experience in pampering the Men of Gensan.

Ralph Oliver Layco, Owner and the brains behind this revolutionized take on a barbershop explains that he wants guys to be treated like kings.   They want to breakaway from the old mold of a barbershop where everything is so impersonal, awkward and uncomfortable.  Macho Mucho hopes to help their male customers relax and to feel as if they are the most important person in the salon.  Ralph adds:  “When our male customers walk in, someone leads them to a lounge and offers them a drink.  It would be like they’ve walked into a five-star hotel. And the lounge is arranged with a flat-screen TV and that would definitely take the pressure off from the guys.”

Macho Mucho renamed its manicure and pedicure services to  “HAND GROOMING” and “FOOT TREATMENT” respectively to give it a masculine perspective.   “Manicure and Pedicure sounds too feminine,” Ralph said. “Call it hand grooming and foot treatment and men know what the results will be.  We will give them what they want.”  Big words for an upstart?  Maybe but they’re prepared to pamper their customers.  Their barbers are trained by L’oreal about the intricacies of hair color and treatment too.  Now that’s what I call upping the ante.

Macho Mucho opens on August 18, 2010.  It is located at the Right Wing, 2nd Level of Sun City Complex.  Be among the first to be treated like a King.  Visit and experience the grooming you deserve.  And you can make appointments too.  Contact them at +63923-720-2443.

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