Mas MaGanda Ever So Much Dito

For someone who was born and raised in Gensan

Anything new that crops up in these parts is always welcome news

So when Robinson’s Place opened in September 30, 2009

A whole new world was revealed to the Generals

Theirs was an auspicious start

They opened with much hype and hoopla

Expectations was so high that you can actually smell it

Robinson’s Place thus earned another star for Gensan

And why, pray tell, should anyone be enamored by a Mall

A quick visit will not be enough

It’s inviting facade will tell you one thing

That this is going to be a totally different experience

The wide and spacious lobby is every mall rat’s fantasy

In any crowded day, you’ll never feel trapped

Such is the effect of their promenade

Modern yet homey; Cool yet warm-folksy

And they pamper you to bits

Their cushioned cinema seats are to die for

They don’t scrimp on air-conditioning even at the height of the power outage

Their supermarket still smells fresh and clean each time I visit

Their Department Store only displays the latest trends

The different shops inside the mall has everything for everyone

Their Al Fresco restaurants revived Gensan’s night life

Just when you thought they’ve given us enough

They make the whole Mall a Wifi-Free Zone

A first in the SoCSKSarGen Area!

Every blogger in town is smiling from ear-to-ear

Who wouldn’t be?

Having said all these, I disagree when they say:

Mas Maganda Dito.

Because truth to tell is that…

Mas MaGANDA EVER SO MUCH sa Robinson’s Place Gensan.

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