Aunt Ludi’s Is Not Just About Breads, Cakes & Pastries

I’ve been wanting to blog about one of Gensan’s newest gem of a bakeshoppe.  Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshop has slowly but surely gained popularity among the consuming public.  Starting off as a regular bakery, it has emerged as one of Gensan’s best source of uber-delicious and top-of-line cakes and pastries. Truth to tell, their versions of Decadence Cake, Pastel Tres Leches, Mango Cashew Torte, Chocolate Concorde, Creme Brulee Cake, Banana Cashew Torte, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake can well stand up to the big ones.  How’s that for a local entrepreneur.

Then when Robinson’s Place Gensan opened, Aunt Ludi’s opened their Bakeshoppe-cum-Restaurant and introduced to Gensan’s palate a whole caboodle of home-grown viands.  Be it a full meal or plain-old snacks, Aunt Ludi’s stunned everyone with its affordable and delectable new food entrees!  Their pizza offerings  are tasty enough to order a second serving.    Try their Under-the-Sea Pizza, Flaming Chick Pizza, Sausage Fest Pizza and the Filipino Pride Pizza!  Just by their names, you already know what’s in store for you.  Their top rice meals must not be missed:  Barbeque Pork Ranch Belly, Southeast Dory and Beef Almighty.  Then there’s their Messy Burger, their version of Sloppy Joe’s with Homemade Potato chips and coleslaw that’s very mouth-watering.  And go for the jugular and try their Spanish Dignity, a Homemade Chorizo burger, that’s oh-so-delicioso.

Two days ago, I tried their Red Sauce Pasta Arrabiata loaded with Meatballs.  Can you spell F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C?  The red sauce was so creamy and yet the “umay-effect” is nowhere.  I only wish that I can load it up with parmesan cheese all to my heart’s content.

And what would a pasta meal be without its best buddy, the ultimate hamburger?  Aunt Ludi’s tops itself with their two-faced burger – Cheese burger with Mayo-Mustard and Barbecue Sauce with Homemade Potato Chips.  Every bite is heavenly.  Their hamburger patty is juicy and tender and the sauce balances the meat taste and veggies in it.  Now you have to try this one and compare.  You’ll end up wanting for more.

Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe’s main store is located at Robinson’s Place.  They also have a branch at Purok Malakas for their breads, cakes and pastries only – they have a coffee bar in this branch for coffee lovers.  For orders, they may be contacted at 552-6388 or just visit their branches anytime.

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