FishDance 2010: The Grandest Hip Hop Dance Competition in Mindanao

With the recent win of XB Gensan in Showtime, Gensan is fast becoming to be the breeding ground for world-class hip hop dancers.  Incidentally XB Gensan was the first winner of FISHDANCE Hip Hop Competition five years ago.  They were then known as Extreme Boys.  We’re proud to say that FishDance was a part of XB Gensan’s rise to fame.  For this year’s edition of Mindanao’s hippest dance competition, another exciting contest is expected.  Dance groups from all over Mindanao have been invited and quite a number has signified their intention to participate.  Here are the mechanics for this year’s competition:

  1. Open to dance groups with 8 – 12 members, aged 14 years old and above of any gender combination.
  2. Performance time minimum of two(2) minutes. Maximum time is three (3:30sec.) minutes.
  3. Performance time that exceeds the maximum allowable of greater than the maximum minutes required will result in a one point deduction per minute from each judge’s score.
  4. Hard stunt, (example double back flip) is not allowed.
  5. Completely fill up the application form, which you can get from email ([email protected]) or downloading the link below.
  6. The registration fee per participating group is TWO THOUSAND PESOS (PhP2,000.00).
  7. Submit the application form with a group photo and registration fee thru MLHUILLIER address to Russel M. Borbon, 047 Cagampang St., General Santos City (for out of town dance group only):  Cell #09124527654.
  8. Here are the important dates to remember:
  • September 11 –            Gaisano Atrium        Socsargen Area Elimination
  • September 18 –            Gaisano Atrium       Semi Finals of Socsargen Area
  • September 22 –            Gaisano Atrium       Finals

9. Winners will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • CHOREOGRAPHY 30% (creativity, staging, spacing, formation and level changes, style)
  • MASTERY AND TIMING 20% (Synchronization, execution, difficulty if execution of authentic Hip hop dance style, controlled mobility and stabilization)
  • ORIGINALITY 30% (introduction of unique dance steps)
  • VARIETY OF HIP HOP DANCE STYLE 10% (locking, popping, bboying/bgirling, wacking/punking, vogueing,             house dance, HipHop dance, stomping, krumping)
  • SHOWMANSHIP 10% (street presence/attire, confidence, entertainment value, projection, crowd appeal,                      intensity

10. Prizes for the winning group will included:

  • Gold Prize                                    50,000.00 plus Trophy and medal for each member
  • Silver Prize                                    30,000.00 plus Trophy and medal for each member
  • Bronze Prize                                    20,000.00 plus Trophy and medal for each member
  • Consolation Prize                        5,000.00 (each for the seven non-winning groups)
  • (All members will get a medal each)

Here’s the Application Form which you can download:

Fishdance Application Form

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