Centerpoint Band Sings Gensan’s 2010 Tuna Festival Theme Music


Formed in year 2007, CENTERPOINT is a band of six young musicians from General Santos City that plays positive modern rock music. Inspired to touch lives of ages in every generation,the band delivers profound messages that encourages hope, faith, and love through its originally crafted songs.  Their debut album “Paper Floors” is a promising material containing 12 original songs that will stir up the heart and mind of people in every age.

When their Manager, Denden Oville informed me about the group’s willingness to create the Theme Music for this year’s Gensan’s Tuna Festival Experience, my initial reaction was “Yeah, another one of those BLAH-BLAH compositions…” Just the same I sat down  with Densho and Julius to discuss the possibilities.  The next meet up (a week later) was to listen to their live rendition of  WHOA GENSAN.  I was totally floored and became an instant fan. Their version captured whatever thoughts and feelings I shared about how I wanted to song to be. Centerpoint is no ordinary band.  Calling them talented is a understatement.  Centerpoint rocks!


And the rest they say is history.  We (yes, Virginia, I was part of it!) recorded the song in Davao, took raw footages of it and sealed the deal.  This could be the best Festival Theme music ever.  And we’re coming up with a music video too.  It was an awesome experience.  I gained six new friends that day or should I say, I adopted six sons that day.  Way to go, Densho, Julius, Joshua, Deane, Keith and Avery.   You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.  Continue to make beautiful music for everyone.

The official version of WHOA GENSAN will come out next week and will be distributed to our partner FM stations.  The music video of the recording will be out soon.  A separate music video depicting the message of the theme song will also be produced.  Watch out for it.

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