Five-Stars For Cinco


Marketing a film is Star Cinema‘s forte

With a formidable backing of ABS-CBN

The hype surrounding Cinco helped build interest among moviegoers

Cinco is Five Horror Movies in One

Megged by Five Up and Coming Pinoy Directors

And topbilled by the industry’s popular actors and actresses

Expectations was so high that its Opening Day receipts hit 11 million pesos

But is it worth all the hoopla?

Read on, faithful readers…


Episode 1 is Braso, directed by Frasco Mortiz

Three fraternity wannabes are dragged to a morgue/mortuary

This was to be their final initiation rite

The twist is that they have to be locked inside

“Inside” is where dead bodies lie waiting to be embalmed

Newbies Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez and Robi Domingo fit their roles to a “T”

Did the dead bodies really move or was it just their imagination?

Episode 1 had enough scary moments to cause me to scream

So for me, the “Braso-moments” were unnecessary

Until it gave Baron Geisler his due and I applauded

Scare Factor:  ★★★★★


Episode 2 is Paa, directed by Enrico C. Santos

If not for the superb acting of Jodi Sta. Maria

This episode would have gone down the drain

Paa starts off with a girl’s wake and Jodi paying her last respects

We see Jodi limping her way home seemingly frightened

Her friend admonished her saying that she should have done Pagpag

Pinoy superstition says that you don’t go home straight from the wake

Or you’ll end up having souls of the dead for visitors

Was Jodi’s guilt causing those scary images or were they for real?

This episode ranks high on prosthetic effects

I also liked the way the flashback scenes were meshed into the film

Scare Factor:  ★★★★


Episode 3 is Mata, directed by Ato Bautista

This is about road rage and its repercussions

Rayver Cruz and Maja Salvador are lovers in this episode

Alas, there was not a single spark of chemistry between them

Rayver in rage shoots a man dead and Maja witnessed the whole thing

Her dilemma now is whether to spill the beans on the man she loves or not

And until she does, the ghost of man with a bullet hole in his right eye kept coming back

The treatment of the film reminded me of Groundhog Day

Passable effort though crude but yes, it helped build the tension

The scream moments are somehow expected and that’s not good

But watch out for the QUICK scary thingy at the end of the episode

Scare Factor:  ★★★


Episode 4 is Mukha, directed by Nick Olanka

This movie is probably the coming-out party for Mariel Rodriguez

The uber-wholesome Wowowee host is nowhere to be found

Here, Mariel is the Queen Biatch from hell and she plays it to the hilt

Because of some photo-copying boo-boo by the janitor

Mariel shoves the face of the poor man on the machine and presses button

She subsequently fires him in front of the other employees

The janitor eerily answers:  “Mas mabuti pang mamatay kesa mawalan ng trabaho.”

He leaves the office while dragging along his cleaning equipment

Mariel sternly tells him:  “Iwan mo yan!”

When she was informed of the janitor’s death, all hell broke loose

Photo-copied images of the man suddenly appears pasted on walls

Mariel was especially credible when she was scared-to-her-wits

The twist in the ending was her comeuppance

Scare Factor:  ★★★★


Episode 5 is Puso, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina

This is probably the moviegoers’ favorite episode

Primarily because of Pokwang who was perfect for the role of the ugly duckling

Pokwang works in a Circus together with Zanjoe Marudo

She with the facial warts, was in love with Zanjoe who was in love with somebody else

Desperate, Pokwang lets Zanjoe down a glass of gin with all the contents of the love potion

“Isang patak, magkaka-crush sayo…dalawang patak, ma-i- in love sayo…”

She was warned but desperation ruled over her

When Pokwang realizes her mistake, it was already too late

It was now about survival rather than being in love

The crowd was loving her and really cheering her on

Zanjoe was too much of a hunk to appear scary

In the end, I felt sorry for Pokwang – all she needed was to be loved

The last screenshot is related to Episode 1

Scare Factor:  ★★★★★

Go watch Cinco!

It’s worth it!

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