UPDATED: Love Is Trial And Error


I didn’t really give it much thought before

Probably because I was always in a relationship

I was too preoccupied with the complexities of loving

Believe you me  – complicated love is never easy

But for me, the intricacies of loving are worth it

Cliche as it may sound – loving completes me

Then all of sudden, I am in unfamiliar grounds

No more fights.  No more petty jealousies.

And I can date again!

Single-blessedness may have its benefits

But it is not working out for me

How I tried but boy-oh-boy, cold nights are just unbearable

So my journey begins

My quest for my one true love

Love is trial and error

Trial #1 occurred and good riddance it failed

Trial #2 is ongoing but it’s not looking good

I’m just one sentimental freak

And as I write this blog post

Tears are running down my cheeks

I am sharing this with you, my faithful readers

Because by now, you have become a part of my life too

Lord, do let me love….AGAIN!

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