21 Ways To Celebrate Happiness Today

I’m happy today.
I’m celebrating.
I’m grateful.
I’m in love.
Here’s 21 ways
to celebrate
happiness today.

1. Smile to everyone I meet
2. Hug somebody I haven’t hug before
3. Compliment somebody
4. Buy something
5. Text an estranged friend “hello”
6. Forgive somebody who has hurt you
7. Treat yourself with ice-cream
8. Thank the janitor and security guards
9. Think about the one I love
10. Give Peter Pilot pasalubong money
11. Make a quick “I LOVE YOU” call
12. Look at the clouds
13. Buy pasalubong for the family
14. Send thoughtful email messages
15. Enjoy a bubble bath tonight
16. Give the hotel attendant a generous tip
17. Say a little prayer for a sick friend
18. Thank your boss
19. Listen to Whitney Houston on full volume
20. Jump into a warm hotel bed
21. Thank the Lord for a good day

Isn’t life grand?
Isn’t loving wonderful?
It’s great to be alive
Ganda Ever So Much ng life

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